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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our store, and what we do!

Q. What is your return policy? Is there a warranty with any of these classic used systems I'm purchasing?

New Product - Cash returns only accepted if items are unopened, in original condition, and with the original receipt presented.

Used Product - We offer store credit returns for defective product if returned within one week of purchase.

We're a small business, and care about our customers experience first and foremost, so please don't be shy and feel free to contact us and explain your circumstances and we will do the best we can to help make your experience shopping with us an exceptional one.

Q. How does the Selling / Trading part of your store work?

A. We give a percentage of the current value of each item sold to us. We offer 25% more in store credit as an alternative.

You get more bang for your buck by trading your items rather than selling, but both are always good options as we strive to keep fairness and integrity as our number one priority to both buying customers and ones who intend on selling or trading.

Q. Do you mod systems?

A. Cosmetic mods, indeed we have done them in the past and hope to do more in the future. For now they are on a case by case basis. Short answer is - Sort of, ask us if you're interested.

Q. Do you ship? I'm a bit too far to make it over on a regular basis but would love to continue to support your business!

A. We do! In fact, we ship Domestically and Internationally, and have done so on a regular basis for years! Our items are packaged with exceptional care for the product, so you can be rest assured that your package will arrive safely and in the condition described every time!

In fact, keep a look out on this website, soon, we'll have an online store attached so you can do some shopping here!

We also have items for sale on ebay regularly! This includes neat stuff we don't sell in store!

Q. Do you offer any kind of loyalty card or program?

A. Indeed we do! We run punch card promotions regularly. Currently, the one we're running is an Eevee card that once you get 10 stamps on, you can evolve into one of the following and receive their benefits.

Flareon - Buy one Get one free on items $20 or less

Jolteon - $15 Store Credit

Vaporeon - 25% off an entire order (Limit $25)

We used to rotate these more regularly but we are now keeping the same promotion for much longer periods to allow customers to earn their rewards more often.

Q. With a market that's always changing, and no MSRP on most of the goods sold, how do you price your items?

A. Our pricing, like many retailers is based on a solid mix of an items popularity, rarity, demand, and "current market value" (how much an item in similar condition has gone for in recent history). Mostly, demand is the greatest factor for how a game is priced. 

With this all said, we make it a point to make the prices the lowest you can get from our major competition, including online marketplaces (eBay, Amazon etc.)

Q. Do you repair systems or games? 

A. We do some repairs, but mostly we don't offer any major console repairs in store. We DO replace save game batteries (dead pokemon saves) and resurface discs (scratched? we can help)

Q. Where do you get your product?

A. From some distributors, and companies, but mostly, from you, our loyal customer. Quite literally, our customers and their word of mouth are what keeps our store going, whether it's by selling us your items, or by shopping with us.

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