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DVD & Blu Ray Disc Repair


$4 each

  • CD

  • DVD

  • Playstation 1

  • Playstation 2

  • Playstation 3

  • Xbox

  • Xbox 360

  • Sega CD

  • Sega Saturn

  • Sega Dreamcast

  • Wii

  • or other CD/DVD based media. 

$6 each

  • Blu-Ray

  • Playstation 4

  • Playstation 5

  • Xbox One S

  • XBox Series X 

Spotting An Unrepairable Disc:

Most scratch-damaged discs can be repaired; but discs suffering other types of damage or excessive scratching can't be.

Here's how to spot a disc that's beyond repair:

  • Excessive scratching: Scratches too deep or numerous may affect the ability to repair it. Typically however, 94% of discs can be repaired.

  • Cracks: Typically start from the inside out.

  • Dents: Indentations or chips at the edge of the disc, caused by blunt force

  • Warping: The disc being bent or otherwise distorted out of shape. Usually due to heat damage.

  • Foil Damage: Damage on the label side of the disc. If you can see light all the way through, the disc is likely unrepairable.

  • Layer separation: Excessive heat or bending can see layers separate. Check to see if the colour of the disc has altered from the usual silver/gold/blue.


Cartridge Pin Cleaning

Dirty contacts are the main cause for cartridge games not working properly.  We can clean the contacts on NES, SNES, N64, DS, 3DS, Vita, Genesis, Gameboy, Turbo Grafx, Gameboy Advanced, and most other cartridge based games.

Battery Replacement

Retro games are the most frequent type of game to need a battery, many other games utilize a battery.  If your old cartridge game won't save any more, a battery may solve the problem.

* Send out service, may take a few days.
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